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Who we are

The Passeri company founded by Luigi Passeri in the 1920s is the most historic enterprise in the funeral sector of Perugia. In the 1970s, Nazareno Morarelli – founder of IFA (Imprese Funebri Associate) – took over the historical Passeri brand, continuing in this tradition of professionalism. In 1985, the company’s new headquarters were inaugurated in San Sisto, Via Donizetti 115. Currently, Nazareno’s son, Marco, continues the tradition, consolidating IFA Passeri as a leading company in the funeral sector in Umbria.
The IFA Passeri represents a real point of reference for a delicate sector such as the funeral service. It is a synonym of guarantee and reliability for all citizens of Perugia.
Director: Marco Morarelli
Founder IFA Passeri: Nazareno Morarelli