What to do in the event of death

First contact

Call us immediately at our phone number 075 528.08.08, active 24h-24h, 365 days a year, our staff will be ready to provide you with any kind of information and agreeing the possibility to meet you as soon as possible.
In a moment of profound sorrow and loss such as the loss of a loved one, rely on our many years of experience, we will advise you with professionalism and courtesy.


The documents necessary to our manager for the organization of the funeral ceremony are:

  • identification document and tax code of the deceased person;
  • identity document and tax code of the relative who meets our manager.

These documents will be used to fill in the forms that we will forward – on your behalf – to the Civil Status offices of the Municipality where the death occurred, as well as the handling of all other paperwork.

Place of death

In a private home

Once you have contacted us, try to contact the doctor of the deceased person to fill in the proper documents. The relevant forms to be filled in by the doctor will be delivered to you by our manager. If your doctor is unavailable, our manager will help you to solve the problem.

In public places

This case represents one of the most complex situations. For this reason, we suggest you call us immediately so as we can advise you in the most appropriate manner.

In a health facility

Once we are in charge of the funeral service, it will be our task to find all necessary documentation.


In case you do not want to proceed with the dressing of your loved one, our specialized staff will take care of all those activities of dressing and body composition. All this in respect of the dignity and belief of the deceased and his family.