Preparation of remains

Our staff is qualified in the dressing and preparation of the body, intervening with professionalism and dignity in the care and composition of deceased.

Transfer of the deceased

The body can only be transferred from the place of death following to particular conditions and authorizations. The transfer is in any case allowed only if it is carried out with suitable means and by qualified personnel.

Handling practices

Our staff takes care of the complete processing of bureaucratic procedures for national and international funeral services, as well as assistance for all the cemetery requests related to the burial and cremation service.

Transportation and funeral ceremony

The funeral transport is the moment when the body is transported from the place where the death occurred to the place where the funeral and the burial will be celebrated. Also in this case, the transport can be carried out only by authorized personnel and with suitable means. The IFA Passeri company has funeral cars and vehicles that are absolutely adequate for every need, even for national and international transport.

Photographic services, floral and obituaries

We take care of every service connected to the funeral ceremony: choice of flowers, funeral announcements, newspaper obituaries and all your requests for the organization of funeral.


We provide complete assistance with any cemetery burial service.

Cemetery accessories and tombstone project

We are at your disposal to design any kind of cemetery burial. In our offices we have a wide exhibition of cemetery accessories (bronze items, steel, marble etc …) and an efficient tombstones preparation workshop.


Our company, headquarters of the Cremation Association, takes care of all the procedures for carrying out the cremation. To proceed with the cremation is necessary that the deceased’s will to be cremated was expressed in one of the following ways:

  1. putting it in writing;
  2. communicating it verbally to the members of the family;
  3. enrolling in an association that has among its statutory purposes the cremation of its members.

In line with the form in which the deceased’s will has been expressed, our staff will proceed with the necessary authorization. For any further information, we invite you to contact our staff and to rely on our experience and professionalism.